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Who Does Shoppable Video Best?

Shoppable Video is an online video player that allows audiences to shop products whilst watching videos. You might have heard Shoppable Video's equivalent name, Video Commerce.

Video marketers have long since played around with product video platforms. As recent as 2012 YouTube itself entered the market with 'Merch Annotations' but video providers have since not all been able to unlock the scale of revenue that putting products alongside video uninterupted can provide.

Interruption is a core issue with Shoppable Video, too much interruption over the video itself and you've ruined the video experience, too little around the video and you've lost the potential ROI required to prove that video is a leading opportunity in generating commerce revenues with direct link attributions. Take who increased their conversion on product pages with video by 400%. Shoeline increased theirs by 44%.

The way Shoppable Video elements overlay a video is another core issue. Clickable elements must be easy to use across all devices and be uber relevant at all times. This is a hard thing to get right without dedication. Especially since the Shoppable elements should not take the user away from the video experience e.g. use add to basket/cart services within a video player (from agencies like Adjust Your Set) to avoid distraction. This kind of technology solves pretty much most of the problems involved with Shoppable Video and even helps to increase basket size(s) by as much as 30% on average when you use Adjust Your Set's technologies.

Video is incredibly engaging but the conversion rate optimisation of Shoppable Videos is an artform that even now many are still failing at by using interruptive, irrelevant and frustrating Shoppable integrations. YouTube Merch Annotations are the common entry level, but often used incorrectly or without audience needs ahead of the agenda. This makes for a low conversion, interrupted audience experience and without proper expertise these sort of problems will never be irradiated.

We've put together a helpful list of some Shoppable Video technologies, agencies who nail it, companies and brands who push it and future ideas for Shoppable Video.

Best Shoppable Videos

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