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Adjuster profile: Pete Wells

Meet Pete Wells - Post-Production producer and in-house comedy guru

Who is he?

Our Post-production Producer and in-house comedy guru.

And what does he do?

By day he co-ordinates our entire post-production facility, managing budgets, schedules, hardware and software and making sure every film and animation that leaves the agency is in tip-top. But at the weekend…

He fights crime?

No. Well, not that we know of. But we did start hearing strange reports from building security about an unhinged Australian stalking the halls with a camera. Turns out Pete has a secret life as an online comedian.

Wow, where did he learn that?

Well, Pete has a graduate diploma in visual effects and also had his own production facility and rental house in Australia, and he ran the technical end of several large TV series, before moving to the UK.

I meant the comedy.

Oh. Well, lots of those TV shows were comedies, and that’s where Pete developed his secret passion. Aside from wanting to produce great content, part of Pete’s reason for moving to London was to tap into its rich comedy scene. On any night of the week you’ll find him at one of the many underground comedy clubs, soaking in the freshest new acts or, as of last year, on the stage himself.

A moonlight comedian, hey? What about his day job?

Pete’s cleverly managed to merge his two passions by producing a series of sketches, which he’s been trickling out through his ‘& Wells’ Facebook page. It’s called ‘& Wells’ because each sketch is a collaboration with a different comedian or actor, with Wells being the one constant. A regular collaborator is Julia Harari, an actor and fellow Aussie who has co-written a number of sketches with Pete.

So, the big question – what’s his stuff like?

Well, it usually has an absurdist bent, and he has a keen eye for politics - one of his ongoing series is a radio-play set in the ‘Department for Exiting the EU’. He says he draws inspiration from local heroes like Fry & Laurie, Mitchell & Webb and Rowan Atkinson, plus Aussie talents Shaun Micellef and Lano & Woodley. His favourite sketch of all time? “That’s a silly question,” he says, “There’s a different sketch for every occasion!”

In that case, let’s finish with his most recent video, which suggests a new approach to workplace equality. Filmed in the Adjust Your Set offices and featuring a number of staff as ‘background talent’, it was also directed by our in-house Senior Creative Robin Geradts-Gill and graded by our colourist Gabi Mascarenhas. Ah, the perks of working for a cutting-edge creative agency!

Check it out here: