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2017 Content Marketing Predictions

2016 was a year, which you could say, seemed at odds with itself, riddled with surprises and significance. Looking ahead into 2017, brands will need to prepare and listen to their audiences and the culture that surrounds them to remain relevant and succeed quicker. Proximity and speed will allow brands to connect and join in on the conversation, new ways of working are key to achieving this. Here are our seven content marketing predictions for 2017 to help you do just that:


1.Quality Editorial Will Be Queen

2016 was the year that content marketing was fully embraced by brands with everybody wanting to dabble in content. It was a year with an abundance of absolutely terrible content, from the extremity of fake news, algorithmic echo chambers and AI journalism to poor branded content, which lacked in any authentic editorial value. 2017 will be the year that quality editorial content, that has been smartly crafted by editors and writers will be king. Audiences will see branded content differently once we see brands bringing relevant, entertaining and useful content to their audiences with transparency around where this content has been originated.
Hannah Smith, Head of Publishing

2.Personalised Narrative

2017 will be the year of personalised interactivity. As brands collect more and more data the breakthrough for branded content will focus on relevant content combined with entertainment formats. Westworld meets AI. People will be able to create their own stories based on their own data, habits and experiences or be served interactive content based on their interests - all with a brand narrative at its core. Exciting times.
Will Barnett, Executive Creative Director

3.Brands Will Get Personal Using Mobile Messaging

We will see brands really start to invest more in content through messaging apps, they will tell stories using the language of these apps, stickers, emojis, vertical video & gifs. Brands will start to look at how they can use messaging for more personal conversations with their customers. They will reach the new hyper connected young mobile audience’s through Tango, Kick, Line and WeChat.
Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO and Founder

4.Production Technology Will Drive Innovation

Edits and sound mixes are increasingly shifting over to production rather than post. As applications like Adobe Voco come into play, post-production will become a playground to create from scratch rather than polish what’s already been recorded. Technology is keeping us on our toes too - a new camera has just been released called Graava which uses data from its accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS to make it’s own edit of the exciting moments caught on camera. We may feel safe that this technology is in it’s infancy, and perhaps it will even support us when we we're out of time.
Jake Mobbs, Colourist + Editor

5.True Collaborative Partnerships Will Rule

Proximity is key to building lasting relationships and these relationships are the cornerstone of a good client services team. To be most helpful to clients, one must be near to them in both space and time. By working ‘inside’ our clients worlds, we gain a clear understanding of their needs and we build a partnership fuelled by true collaboration. As a trusted partner we deliver great work, which drives real results.
Miriam Faber, Client Services Director

6.Harnessing Big Data

As expected, over the last few years, more and more data has been made available to brands. The challenge has now become managing that data and making the best use of it and this is a challenge where the majority of brands are failing. Aside from the technicalities of accessing, storing and processing these large sets of data, the key question which seems to go unanswered is "What do we want to achieve with this data?". Big data can provide incredible insights and competitive advantage to brands if they can harness it properly. However, until brands can clearly articulate their data management requirements, the wealth of data will stall and become a burden to the business. 2017 must be the year where brands clearly define a data policy and use it to supercharge their business.
Jim Holmes, Chief Technology Officer

7.Dynamically Personalised Content

Successful brands will start to personalise their digital and social content as well as their products. Branded content will become ever more personalised by dynamically embedding relevant user data to engage and reward targeted social audiences with bespoke video content in minutes. Fans receive a piece of content that feels personal to them rather than generic.
John Spinks, Planner